[amsat-bb] Eagle U/V modes

McGrane tmcgrane at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Sun Oct 8 07:23:56 PDT 2006


Many thanks to the amsat directors for deciding to provide U/V
transponder. I noted the website summary mentioned SSB, CW and ETC.
Regarding ETC., could beginners use FM in a specific portion of the
passband near perigee? I realize it is not as power efficient as SSB and
CW but this capability might attract more beginning users. One could
assign a voluntary single frequency for this use.

Two further questions;
Could someone please explain further the capabilities of the U/V text
messaging mode. Would this incude the use of typical packet equipment?

Could some old timers describe a typical AO-13 or AO-40 mode U/V station
for my education and to help me build a station.

Thanks for any replies, patrick n2oeq

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