[amsat-bb] Microsat Telemetry data archive

W4UPD w4upd at bristor-assoc.com
Sat Oct 7 19:27:58 PDT 2006

For those that maybe interest (and even if you're not), that URL below 
points to a group of directories containing telemetry data collected by 
those whose calls you see listed. This data was at the beginning of the 
life of the various Microsats (AO-16, LU-19, etc.) and even include 
AO013 and a couple of Fuji satellites. This data was collected and sent 
to me to allow for access later by the command stations and even some 
schools for review.

I thought that some may be interested in reviewing the data contents and 
comparing with the more recent satellites now in use.

This next URL contains some of the programs that were used to collect 
and/or review the captured telemetry data. The data is in the form of 
raw, ascii and WOD (Whole Orbit Data). Some of these programs and others 
are probably available at the AMSAT.ORG site as well. The data file 
names are basically date.type. Hopefully this will be useful to someone. 
This data will remain at this site for some time, so there is no hurry 
for it access to be removed.



Reid Bristor, W4UPD

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