[amsat-bb] Re: Old SATV Dish --pitch or sell?

Bruce Nolte N3LSY n3lsy at comcast.net
Sat Oct 7 18:10:12 PDT 2006

Wade Grimes wrote:

>our school has an old five to seven foot SATV dish....it is the metal mesh type.  purchased in 1991 ???  
>Question: is there a market for it?  otherwise, it is dumpster bound. 
>we could use the money for our school ham radio club -- unless there is  a mod we could do, and make use of it.
>and is the rotor of any value?  (no longer controlled by the recvr)
>reply direct to k0mhp at arrl.net 
>thanks, Wade
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C-Band stuff is pretty much worthless as a TVRO dish, DTV and Dish 
Network (tm) have all but killed the consumer market for the stuff.  
Dishes in  the 5-7 foot range can make a dandy reflector for an L/S 
coaxial feed, and were a hot setup for AO-40 when it was operational. As 
for the actuator, you might be able to make use of it to control the 
Elevation of a setup, but you would probably have to figure out some 
type of a chain drive setup to work the Azimuth control over a 
reasonable range. A 6 foot dish will give you about 4X the gain of a 3 
foot Primestar dish, but without quite the need to point the dish as 
precisely as a 10 footer, and without the windload problems as well. 
Unfortunately, it is  too big to turn with a G5400 class rotor without 
tearing it up, though with careful counterbalancing it might be possible 
under relatively calm conditions.  Other possibilities are point to 
point Microwave links, or even possibly EME.

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