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Interesting list of transmitters.


AMSAT Board of Directors Approves Eagle Communications Payloads

AMSAT's Board of Directors met on 5 October in San Francisco, CA and
approved the following Eagle communications payloads:

    * A SSB/CW (etc.) transponder with uplink on U-band and downlink on
V-band. System design has a goal that it be usable over 75% of the orbit by
an AO-13 or AO-40 capable ground station.
    * A SSB/CW (etc.) transponder with uplink on L-band and downlink on
S1-band (2.4 Ghz). An AO-13 or AO-40 capable ground station will be able to
use this payload.
    * A low rate text message system, like SMS. It will operate on U/V-bands
and be usable over 75% of the orbit by a small terminal on the ground.
    * These transponders will be implemented using Software Defined
Transponders (SDX).

Eagle will also carry an advanced communications payload (ACP). Using
advanced signal processing and RF techniques, the ACP will allow:

    * Voice communications on S2-band (3.4 Ghz) uplink and C-band (5.8 Ghz)
downlink using a single 60cm dish. The satellite antennas will be
electrically steered to reduce spin modulation and allow use over 75% of the
    * An additional, fix-pointed, uplink will be available at L-band. This
L-band uplink will require a separate uplink antenna at the ground station.
    * High rate data communications, such as streaming video, using a 2m
dish on S2/C bands.
    * AMSAT will develop and make available an affordable ground segment for
the ACP System.

Additional information will be posted here in the near future.

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