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Nate Duehr wy0x at mac.com
Thu Oct 5 11:37:14 PDT 2006

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> From: Nate Duehr <nate at natetech.com>
> Date: October 5, 2006 12:36:38 PM MDT
> To: k8ocl at arrl.net
> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Re: S band interference solution
> On Oct 5, 2006, at 11:40 AM, John Champa wrote:
>> Nate,
>> I am happy to report that I get along with my neighbors very well,  
>> thank you,
>> so none of these TVI-type suggestions were any problem whatsoever  
>> at this QTH.
>> Have you ever read any texts from the ARRL, etc. on how to manage  
>> a TVI problem?
>> They are not as popular as they once were, but you can still find  
>> them around.
>> They will help you in the social skills areas, another big weak  
>> point for most Hams.
>> 73, John
> John,
> You completely misread my comments.   I do just fine with social  
> skills and know the neighbors.
> What I *don't* want is to become the neighbor's "tech support" guy  
> by having a conversation with them about 2.4 interference or  
> "helping" them with their router.  They don't know I can fix their  
> routers, computers, whatever... and I'd pretty much like to keep it  
> that way.
> I didn't make any TVI suggestions at all.  Not sure where you got  
> that from.
> I was just (humorously) pointing out that:
> Being forced to deal with interference that's built-into the band- 
> plan given us by the FCC if 2.4 is flown brings added complexity  
> and time necessary that many hams will simply avoid.  Not because  
> the technical details of hunting down low-power interference  
> sources is difficult, but because you have to go pester the  
> neighbors, ultimately leading to a number of other complex problems  
> completely unrelated to ham radio.
> For someone who just wants to get on and operate, finding out they  
> have to first hunt down local interference in the neighborhood will  
> simply mean they don't operate at all.
> I'm not the "just want to operate" type, but I certainly don't want  
> to involve myself in the nightmare that is known as my neighbor's  
> home computers.  I do computers and networking and  
> telecommunications for a living -- fixing someone's (permanently)  
> broken Windows box, isn't my idea of fun, interesting, or even  
> slightly amusing anymore.  Unless someone wants to pay me my usual  
> overtime rate for it.
> Walking next door to futz with the neighbor's 802.11 devices opens  
> me up to that.
> Currently I can "hear" six 802.11 devices from my back porch in a  
> suburban area without a gain antenna, using the built-in antenna on  
> my laptop.  And those are the ones that are broadcasting an SSID,  
> and of course this doesn't include cordless phones.   900 MHz ham  
> is similarly trashed by various unlicensed "household electronic  
> stuff" I'm not going to bother hunting down.
> It's not getting any better where I live, and I'm in Denver.  And  
> in places where housing is more compact... it must be far worse by  
> now.
> Nate WY0X
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> Nate Duehr
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Nate Duehr
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