[amsat-bb] ... Err!, an observation.

john hackett la2qaa at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 5 03:42:49 PDT 2006

Hello Folks,
               As we all know (or assumed), AO-7's battery system has been 
down the tube for a couple of decades. However, this morning I got quite a 

I always monitor the old girl before actually *bellowing* into the 
microphone. As is my want, I was watching  both InstantTRACK and NOVA on 
seperate computers (and before you comment, my keps are! correct and up to 
date). The satellite came up over Northern Russia at 09:58 UTC on the 45926 
orbit and was in complete darkness at that time but just for a laugh I sent 
a few CQ's on CW (432.150 up 145.941 down) and to my surprise I copied 
LA2QAA calling CQ - (that's me folks).

Thinks ... "This can't be, the batteries are knackered".

This instigated careful checks of time (Atomtime Pro), keps & doppler - no 
doubt - (both InstantTRACK and Nova agreed) - AO-7 was in darkness but I was 
able to copy my downlink at S3. A few minutes later, when the old girl came 
into sunlight my signal shot up to S8.

Careful checks of my hearing and senility confirmed that both are! 
functioning correctly.

So ... how come I could hear myself when AO-7 was in darkness?. As can be 
imagined, I will keep tabs on this tomorrow morning.

Sensible explanations please written on the back of a clean $100 bill 
wrapped round a wallbrick and chucked through my window - or - an e-mail to 
<la2qaa at amsat.org> at a pinch, will suffice

73 John.

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