[amsat-bb] Re: S band interference solution

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Wed Oct 4 20:51:30 PDT 2006

On 4 Oct 2006 at 20:11, Tim Tapio wrote:

> Lets see....intentionally jamming another radio service??  I think not.

See to who they can sell their things first and if you can get one of them and still afford the 
price you will be able to use it to experiment only. There is also some 2.4GHZ muticoupler with up 
to 10 inputs who show up time to time on ebay if you feed them with 7 cheap wi-fi router each of 
them on a different channel and you can feed the output through an amplifier and on an omni high 
gain wi-fi antenna you will be able to experiment which one is making the better job...

The last one can be very disturbing that's why you will operate it for a very short period for an 
experimental purpose only!

Could be someone can provide an exterminator kit oups i want to wrote an experimenter kit for those 
who are not satisfied playing with a variac and a microwave oven with no door plus a door latch 
disable in their attic.

Fisherman are very patient as the fish is harder to cook with this method but it's legal aside of 
using an unsafe oven.

Yes it is a JOKE don't ever try to do that its dangerous but you can share your ideas and 
experiences with us. The use of a former ao-40 antenna can provided some added gain and 
directivity. You will be surprised how far you can go between 2 points and how quit the place 
became when you will listen 2 weeks after.

P.S. Is someone hit you on a side of your face turn your head to present him the other side...amen. 
Do what i tell not what i do a guy wearing a pair of sandals ever said.

Signed.. The colonel Sanders in the Asterix village.

The medium is the message...The content is the audience...;)

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