[amsat-bb] upgrading from my FT-726R?

Scott Townley nx7u at arrl.net
Sun Oct 1 18:20:28 PDT 2006

I currently have/use the old FT-726R for satellite and weak-signal work.  I 
have brick amps and mast-mounted preamps for each band.
My question is:  I have been considering upgrading to something more 
current--the usual list of suspects like the FT-736, IC-821H, IC-910H, or 
TS-790A (probably not the IC-970H because of $, but that depends on the 
findings from this msg..).
At least according to the various QST reviews, I don't see a lot of 
separation in basic RF performance between this whole group of 
radios.  It's clear that if I want any sort of computer control of the rig 
that any of the list would do, and the most recent ones have options like 
AF DSP, but purely from an RF perspective...the QST reviews were not much 
improved from the FT-726R for any radio.  Particularly appalling to me was 
the published TX IMD of both the FT-736 and the IC-910H...
So, if computer control isn't a big deal, is there really a compelling 
reason to change?  Are the reviews flawed/overly pessimistic?  The older 
radios were pre-phase noise testing, but none of the current rigs seem all 
that great in that respect anyway.  What am I missing?

Scott Townley NX7U
Gilbert, AZ  DM43di

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