[amsat-bb] ISS experiment E.T. shadow.

Kevin Forbes vk3ukf at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 28 05:23:49 PST 2006

Hi all, just making a mention of this experiment again for anyone that 
missed it.

I just received this.

>Dear friends!
>Thank you for support of the space experiment "Shadow" on ISS. More than 
>200 claims have been registered, the experienced hams Gennady Tjapichev 
>(R3XB) and Guy Roels (ON6MU) presented the special tools for generation of 
>a short beacon, some groups of hams had conducted trial experiments "in a 
>ground" air  for checkout of a methodology. The ground preparation of the 
>space experiment "Shadow" in a part of an amateur radio is practically 
>completed so that we could proceed to a following step, namely to "cold" 
>experiments in an orbit even an year ago.
>However, fulfillment of the scientific programs on ISS was noticeably 
>quickened only with new flights of "Shuttles".
>In order to begin with space experiment "Shadow", it was offered to conduct 
>a few auxiliary sessions of its cold phase in a digipeater mode. Sergey 
>Samburov (RV3DR), the employee of space-rocket corporation "Energia" which 
>is responsible for an amateur radio on ISS, explained that this mode is 
>already in use for available onboard amateur radio and allows to overcome 
>many formalities.
>At the moment there is a decision to perform the first trial session on the 
>European measuring field as it is  the most long and dense. Never the less 
>I'd like all to recollect all and look through the results of this European 
>session in order to be ready in your turn.
>So I invite you to visit again our page 
>http://www.tsniimash.ru/Shadow/Next-eng.htm., check yourself in lists and 
>on maps, exam the section " Cold experiments " and other new materials and 
>further  take part in the experiment as  terms and requirements of its 
>realization will be additionally presented. Also I ask you to present this 
>invitation to your local BBS, the more participants the better.
>73, Valentin Strashinski, principal investigator, TSNIIMASH.

or google E.T. shadow

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