[amsat-bb] Re: Bird wattmeter

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Thu Nov 23 00:26:18 PST 2006

Dave Guimont wrote:

> It is a Byrd model 4304A...it covers from 25-1000 MHZ with enough 
> accuracy for my use on L band..

Telewave also makes nice "multi-band" wattmeters, no slugs.

Again, I think they're rated only to 1000 MHz, but might work "okay" at 
L-band.  You'd have to dig into the specs or ask Telewave.

Just thought I'd mention it.

Their meters are good, and you can get them with a -40dB injection port 
(basically a built in coupler with a calibrated insertion loss) that 
allows for a nice way to do usable sensitivity tests with the antenna 
connected, while also measuring power output on the meter at the same 
time going the other direction -- if you have another signal source on 
the band you're testing that you can use for injecting into the port on 
the meter.

I would have bought a Telewave if I didn't run across a really good deal 
on my Bird.  Now I'm in "buy more elements" mode... just buying them as 
I need them, just like everyone else using a Bird 43.  They're the "gold 
standard" but there are some nice alternatives out there, like the 

New Telewave's are not cheap, but neither are the Birds when you buy 
them new... and sometimes "brand new and shiny" can bring a smile to 
your face when you get a new radio toy.  :-)

Most used Birds look like they were run over by a truck and hit with an 
ugly stick...

Nate WY0X

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