[amsat-bb] Re: Question about tuning for doppler and SatPC32

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Tue Nov 21 10:33:32 PST 2006


That is an explanation I can appreciate.  The TS-2000 is a fabulous radio with many more features than I will ever use but the pleasure of operating a recently acquired Hallicrafters SR-150 has my focus for now.  Also, after 39 years of ham radio operation I am still determined to get my CW proficiency up so I can enjoy QSOs on one of my homebuilt qrp rigs running 250 mw.  I think my logbook will show the first satellite contact with the TS-2000 was on CW and I am always happy to respond to CW on the sats.  

I know this issue has been beat to death but the problem here is that we do experience some interference in the limited satellite bandwidth due to lack of coordination of tuning practices.  I would still recommend using Doppler correction on the uplink to minimize interference and so other operators have the choice to use Doppler correction on the downlink.  For those that have radios without computer control capability I don't mind following their downlink signal manually.  I would never advise them to buy a new radio since I wouldn't want the cost of equipment to keep anyone off the sats as it did for me until this year.

---- RogerKola at aol.com wrote: 
> Hi Ed....
> Just speaking for some of us Luddites, the thrill and challenge of a "pure" 
> QSO, maybe with just CW, is part of the experience. I suppose I could get my 
> computer to run consecutive QSOs, doppler tune, voice track, log, post my log in 
> LOTW etc, but that is not what I enjoy.
> My opinion is that "I did it myself" applies to computer "programming," and 
> to satellite operation seperately.
> I will reward you on your accomplishments, but reserve the right to set my 
> own goals.
> That said...anyone want to try AM through AO-7?  hihi
> Roger

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