[amsat-bb] Re: Trackbox interfernces

Alan P. Biddle APBIDDLE at mailaps.org
Mon Nov 20 09:19:19 PST 2006


When I built my T_B years ago, I added some small ferrite chokes inside the
aluminum box for the CAT, power, and rotator control lines.  Since there
should be no RF, the values are not critical.  Mine came from my junk box.
I did not need them, but some small bypass capacitors at the inputs might
help.  Using an aluminum box with good shielding resulted in no RF noise.

You might try a good external RF clamp on choke on the external lines.  This
should at least allow you find where the problem is.  Don't forget to check
the LCD display if it is not one or more of the lines.  Some of them can
also radiate.  Finally, a conventional noise blanker is often effective with
impulsive noise.

Good luck,


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