[amsat-bb] Re: Practical L Band Antenna?

Matt vk2dag at bigpond.com
Sat Nov 18 05:30:23 PST 2006

For AO-40 I had 10 watts thru about 8m of LDF450 and 1m of superflex 
into a 25 ele loop yagi.  I wasn't very happy with it, could only get 
in with low squint angles.  So I moved to a 1.5m dish with CP patch 
feed that was fed with 20m RG58 (yes RG58!), this gave me 1 watt at 
the base of the dish.  I fed this 1 watt into a 16 watt brick amp and 
I became one of the "Big Boys".

For AO-51 I am using the 25 ele loop yagi  fed with 8m of RG214 from 
24cm icom HT into 16 watt amp.  Works well with AO-51, there are many 
fades but that is the spacecraft moving around, so I am not to 
worried about CP.

Matt  -VK2DAG-

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