[amsat-bb] 1.2GHz and K5GNA BBQ Ant ??

Bill Booth 710138 at ican.net
Fri Nov 17 14:11:37 PST 2006

Mark Brueggemann K5LXP recently inquired about a 1.2GHz antenna but
mentioned he had a K5GNA barbecue dish and  converter.  Since I have my
antennas down for rework, (since I moved) I am wondering the same thing.

I am also curious if covering the BBQ grill with screening material on the
K5GNA unit is worth the trouble.  There was lots of discussion about it when
AO-40 was working, but I do not remember anyone saying it was worth the
trouble.  Anybody add the screen material to the unit and what kind of
improvement did you hear......

Bill Booth VE3NXK
Sundridge ON, Canada
79.23.37 W x 45.46.18 N

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