[amsat-bb] Question about tuning for doppler and SatPC32

pgayle@porchlight.ca pgayle at porchlight.ca
Fri Nov 17 05:52:56 PST 2006

Hello all.

I was on one of the early apsses of FO-29 this morning and was
having a QSO with another ham about which frequency to tune
for doppler. Both of us went LOS without comming to a mutual
agreement on this.

This question has been asked before, I'm sure, but I thought
that I would ask it again.

My thinking, and the way that i have set things up is that I
have SatPC32 tunining the higher frequency doppler only. I
don't tune the lower frequency at all.
In the case of FO-29, I only tune the downlink freq (UHF. I do
leave the TX freq alone. Is this correct?

SatPC32 seems to do a great job tuning along with most
stations but my question to the group is that when you are on
a satellite such as VO-52 which has the pair reversed, do you
continue to tune the higher frequency (uplink) or do you tune
the lower frequency (downlink).

What is the preferred decorum?

Also, for those SatPC32 users....

When you set the program up to tune either the uplink or the
downlink doppler, is this a global setting that applies to all
of the satellites that you have in your list or are the
settings unique for each bird?

Thanks,  Peter VA3PK

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