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> Hi,
> I guess that the satellite battery consisted of cells in series and
> batteries in parallel, or perhaps of cells in parallel then in series to
> make a battery. Does anybody know exactly? Can anybody point me in the
> right direction?
> Sil - ZL2CIA

Hi Sil, ZL2CIA

Unfortunately Larry Kayser VA2LK the expert of the OSCAR-7 batteries
passed away 5 october 2004

I believe that actually the right people to supply you with the informations
about the batteries and BCR are Jan King W3GEY and Dick Daniels W4PUJ

However you can get many useful informations about the batteries of
OSCAR-7 reading a lot of letters from Larry Kayser wich are available in the
Amsat-BB Archives from june 2001

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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