[amsat-bb] Re: AO-07 healthy CW

Geoff vk2tfg at ozemail.com.au
Tue Nov 14 22:12:24 PST 2006

Check channel 6D, anything other than about 0.5 means that the others 
are likely to be dodgy (invalid).

    73 de Geoff vk2tfg.

Martin Gillen wrote:

>I plugged that data into the AO-7 telemetry calculator and got:
>CH   CHANNEL NAME            Value
>==   ============            =====
>1A   Total Solar Array Cur   2360 ma.
>1B   +X Solar Panel Cur      370 ma.
>1C   -X Solar Panel Cur      370 ma.
>1D   +Y Solar Panel Cur      370 ma.
>2A   -Y Solar Panel Cur      930 ma.
>2B   RF Pwr. Out 70/2        1.8432 watts
>2C   24 Hr. Clock Time       811.2 minutes
>2D   Batt Chg/Dischc Cur.    80 ma.
>3A   Battery Voltage         8.8 volts
>3B   Half-Batt Voltage       2.4 volts
>3C   Bat. Chg. Reg. #1       3.6 volts
>3D   Battery Temperature     60.28 C
>4A   Baseplate Temp.         -46.28 C
>4B   PA Temp 2/10 Rptr       -46.28 C
>4C   +X Facet Temp.          -46.28 C
>4D   +Z Facet Temp.          -46.28 C
>5A   PA Temp. 70/2 Rptr      -4.84 C
>5B   PA Emit. Cur. 2/10      793.56 ma.
>5C   Modul. Temp. 70/2       -4.84 C
>5D   Instr. Sw. Reg.         66.76 ma.
>     Input Cur.
>6A   RF Pwr Out 2/10         5907.69230769231 mw.
>6B   RF Pwr Out 435          956.6 mw.
>6C   RF Pwr Out 2304         377.856 mw.
>6D   Midrange Telemetry      0.96 V    Typ.(0.50 +- 0.01)
>     Calibration
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