[amsat-bb] Re: satpc32help---Meaning of [Brackets] after Sat names?

George Henry ka3hsw at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 14 16:55:44 PST 2006

FO-29 is not one of the satellites which displays the bracketed status 
symbol, so SatPC32 shouldn't care...  for the others, I simply went into the 
Doppler.sqf file and edited the satellite names to include the bracketed 
status indicator, and SatPC32 works with them just fine.  Properly tracks 
the bird and the doppler........  (The name in the doppler file has to 
exactly match the name in the keps file for the doppler tracking to work) 
VO-52 was the only one that I track that needed editing.

As far as the WinAOS program goes, since it doen't calculate doppler I 
suspect that the brackets don't matter (but have not tested it)...   to be 
on the safe side, make sure that you select AMSAT's NASA.ALL file in the 
Source Files window (it has to be in the SatPC32\Kepler folder), instead of 
Celestrak's amateur.txt file, and you should be fine.

George, KA3HSW

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> As an almost daily user of morning FO-29 passes, I am confused and 
> concerned
> about these brackets and how they will affect my use of Satpc32? I read
> Erichs' post and  have switched to using Amsat as the source file for my
> Keps but I notice that when I use the  AOS program to project and print my
> pass list, the Sat names still contain the brackets.
> Erich, I and I am sure other SatPC32 users would appreciate further
> explanation of what this bracket system is all about and a step by step
> correct way to use it with SatPC32. I have been extremely pleased with the
> good results I've had with the SSB Sats using SatPc32 and don't want to
> disturb my success because of these brackets.  I have been away from home
> for several weeks and would also like to know when this new system began 
> and
> why?
> Thanks and 73s
> Hal Pressman
> Amsat #25698

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