[amsat-bb] Re: satpc32help---Meaning of [Brackets] after Sat names?

Hal Pressman halpress at cinci.rr.com
Tue Nov 14 06:42:37 PST 2006

As an almost daily user of morning FO-29 passes, I am confused and concerned 
about these brackets and how they will affect my use of Satpc32? I read 
Erichs' post and  have switched to using Amsat as the source file for my 
Keps but I notice that when I use the  AOS program to project and print my 
pass list, the Sat names still contain the brackets.

Erich, I and I am sure other SatPC32 users would appreciate further 
explanation of what this bracket system is all about and a step by step 
correct way to use it with SatPC32. I have been extremely pleased with the 
good results I've had with the SSB Sats using SatPc32 and don't want to 
disturb my success because of these brackets.  I have been away from home 
for several weeks and would also like to know when this new system began and 

Thanks and 73s
Hal Pressman
Amsat #25698 

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