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Hi John,

Yeah, it would seem like it.  But the effect was first noticed when the 
equipment on this end was an all-in-one sealed flat panel, so there weren't 
any connectors to go loose.  And, if it were a loose connection I would 
expect it would get worse over time, and I haven't seen that either.  But 
thanks for the suggestion.

Greg  KO6TH

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At 2.4 GHz, I suspect a poor connection suffering from some thermal effect.

Suggestion:  Check all connections.  Are you using any nickel platted 

If so, change them to silver connectors or gold pin connectors.  Apply a 
connector lubricant such as Caig Laboratories ProGold Connector Enhancer 
available from some better Radio Shacks, and carefully re-seal them.

John Champa, K8OCL

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>Interesting.  No, I have no clue, and my data is only empirical.  I hope my 
>link still gets bettere as more leaves fall...
>Hi Bob, Joe,
>This is very interesting; I have the reverse situation.  My home internet
>connection is from a wireless ISP who uses 2.4 ghz 802.11b Wi-Fi equipment.
>The run from my house to his central antenna is about 3/4 mile, with a gain
>omni on his end, and a grill on mine.  There are a few trees that we're
>shooting through, trunks mostly, aiming between the fluffy stuff.  I've had
>this setup for several years now, and by far most of my problems with
>service are in the fall.  Rain is not a factor (it doesn't really start
>raining much here until winter sets in).  Not the leaves (they're falling
>not growing).  Not anything I can put my finger on.  I'd love to understand
>why.  Any ideas?
>Greg  KO6TH
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