[amsat-bb] Re: Station Control Help

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Sat Nov 11 00:27:59 PST 2006

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> SO true.  As the leaves are falling, my wireless internet access
> is now up to 5 bars from the usual 2 bars or less in the summer.
> When all the leaves are off, I'll be up to 8 bars and have 11
> Mbyte rates again...
> Bob, Wb4APR

11 MB(ytes)/s is an impressive speed, Bob.  Perhaps you meant 
11Mb(its)/s, however.

(I really can't resist giving a science teacher grief when he goofs up 
units!  That is, unless he has a very fast wireless network connection.)


Nate WY0X

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