[amsat-bb] Re: Station Control Help, wf1f

Jason White jason at jason.white.name
Fri Nov 10 09:59:53 PST 2006

MM wrote:

> for aprox $1000 you can setup a very "reliable" 1+
> mile 900 mc ethernet link.

Zoinks! Couldn't you just modify an off the shelf $35.00 2.4Ghz 802.11b 
WAP by downconverting  the output to some legal frequency range/output 
level? I'm not up on the legalities of 900Mhz data operation, but since 
you mentioned it I'd imagine you could mix the output of the WAP with a 
1500MC oscillator and filter out a 900 Mhz signal?.. and I think you can 
control the bandwidth of the signal by throttling the data rate IIRC.

I'm positive there is an IF in there you could tap to make the whole 
operation easier and more efficient.. You could probably use retuned 
surplus GSM cell phone hardware to re amplify your 900 Mhz signal as well.

I think you could try that, scrap everything, and start over a few times 
before you reached 1000 dollars!

  I'm just totally in the dark as to how Part 15/97 rules would apply at 
that point.. I've never had to give it much thought.

73, Jason N1XBP

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