[amsat-bb] PCSAT-3 Digital Designer Needed

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Nov 4 06:44:50 PST 2006

Looking for a Digital designer to help with PCSAT-3.

PCSAT-3 will hopefully be similar to PCSAT-1 and PCSAT2 including a PSK-31 transponder and of course the usual packet digipeaters.... AND...

But it also will have a large surface area that we want to see if we can HEAR micrometeor impacts, and with four microphones and DSP see if we can locate the point of impact.  This will require working with a high-end PIC processor that has a DSP code operating at up to 1 MHz sample rate (500 KHz bandwidth), 12 bit resolution, and sensitivity down to 10ths of a millivolt.  

Supposedly we have a "sofware" guy, but we dont have a digital designer to lay out the 80-pin-PIC processor board, including all the low noise front end to avoid the inevitable noise in the system and a huge amount of FLASH ram to record the data.

If it works, and the PIC detects a hit, then not only would it save the data for science purposes, but then we can reply it on the FM downlink as audio for everyone to hear.  Expectations are maybe 3 hits per day average?

Anyway, if anyone is an excellent digital designer, with time on their hands and is interested in this project, let me know.  Thanks


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