[amsat-bb] Re: Handheld of Choice...

Luciano G. Nachif nachif at terra.com.br
Thu Nov 2 12:35:41 PST 2006


I had an Icom IC-W32A for about year and a half. I tried that with either an Arrow or a Premier AL800 antennas and NEVER was able to work AO-51 or any other satellite. It was quite difficult to hear a bird on 70cm downlink. I never heard my return.
Upon trying satellite work it was noticed that one of the receivers was not as good as the other. One can do it by simply tuning both receivers to the same distant repeater.
I'm glad Icom has put an end to that HT and hope that the company will come up with a new unit which will give us a chance to forget a word:

Best 73,

Luciano Gasparini 

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