[amsat-bb] OT: How to receive Nasa Select?

Jason White jason at jason.white.name
Fri Dec 29 11:57:05 PST 2006

I would love to be able to watch NASA Select from my shack again. Back 
when it was on analog C band I used to keep an eye on it during ISS 
passes. Now I believe it has moved to an MPEG 2 K band transponder. Does 
anyone here catch the downlink using "FTA" (Free to air) equipment? If 
so, I'd appreciate if you could contact me directly and let me know what 
kind of equipment is required, or any suggestions. The dish and feed 
don't bother me, it's the MPEG-2 receiver that I'm unfamiliar with. 
(And, yes, I know the commercial satellite TV carriers have it, but that 
would cost money :) )



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