[amsat-bb] Re: Icom CT-16 Sat Interface

Doug Faunt N6TQS +1-510-655-8604 faunt at panix.com
Tue Dec 26 10:32:36 PST 2006

I used a CT-16 with a pair of IC-706's to operate AO-40 on the
TZ6RD trip.

It works pretty well, although the 1200 baud speed introduces more
latency then is really comfortable.  Obviously, doing this with a more
capable computer that would take care of Doppler too would be better.
And a higher speed unit would be good, but no one has done that, to my
knowledge.  I think this would be easy to implement in a PIC, but what
do I know?  

A combination unit, with a USB interface that looked like
either one or two serial interfaces to a connected computer, and could
function stand-alone like a CT-16 would be ideal, and substitute for a
CT-17, too.

Being able to change the configuration with push-push switches is
actually very nice and user-friendly, in my view, BTW.

BTW, a CT-16 doesn't require a CT-17 to operate.  I always
disconnected the one to hook up the other, since I was also using one
of the IC-706's for HF operation, with a logging program hookup.

73, doug

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   From: "Stephen Brown Jr" <stephen.brown75 at gmail.com>

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   Hi Robert,
	 I'm not sure on the CT-16 or equivalent, but I do have a couple of
   circuits I can share with you that will provide CI-V control from your PC. I
   have not built any of these, but they look fairly straightforward:


   I think you can use the MAX232 or two transistor interface.

   I've also attached a schematic for another interface that someone else
   shared with me as well.

   I'd be curious to know if anyone is using two 706's autonomously with PC
   control for sat work. I would also think you may be able to take two of the
   aforementioned circuits or equivalent and be able to accomplish the same

   Hope that helps.


   On 12/25/06, Robert L Lasso <rlasso at zianet.com> wrote:
   > I am considering using a Icom CT-16 Sat Interface with two IC-706MKIIG
   > radios. I do not have a CT-16 and want to know if this is the best route or
   > are there other after market interfaces or software that can be used or
   > plans for a homebrew interface. Hard to find a used CT-16 so far on the
   > internet. I assume that I will also need a Icom CT-17 Level Converter or one
   > of the equivalent models out there made by other hams. Appreciate any
   > advice. 73, Robert W6RQR

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