[amsat-bb] ANDE TLE's?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Dec 24 08:58:02 PST 2006

Now NORAD is tracking 7 objects from the ANDE/RAFT deploy.
RAFT has been identified.. But we are not sure about the others:


And no where do I see any mention of MEPSI.  By my count, we
left a total of 9 objects in space.  But only 7 are shown here.
Is MEPSI accounted for elsewhere?

Again, we have not even started listening for NMARS, but I
suppose we should before we have no clue where it is.  It only
sends one packet a minute on 27.9652 LSB +/- 600 Hz of Doppler.
But it can be pinged by authorized MARS stations on 148.975
using a packet "VIA NMARS"


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