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I used these in the AO-10/13 days. The mast load must be balanced. Position
the array horizontally. Loosen the clamps and watch how the mast rotates. If
it stays motionless, then you are OK for balance and may have a gear-train
problem. The coax needs to be attached when this is tested.

I had the big KLM 2m and smaller 435 beams. Because of the coax trailing off
the back, the 2m beam was not mounted at the midpoint, but 1/3 from end. On
the 435 side I added counterweights behind the beam. With the clamps loose,
the array would stay put no matter what elevation. This relieved the little
motor of lifting against gravity.

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I'm mounting an old Alliance U-110 rotator horizontally to use as an
elevation rotator, and I have noticed that if it is sitting with the
mast clamp on the top everything works very well.  If it's flipped
with the mast clamps on the bottom (so it can connect to the azimuth
mast) it seem stall and jam.

I'm not sure if this is normal or just a sign of age but I traced the
problem to a small gear under the shaft that "drops" when the rotator
is in the clamp-bottom position and then slips over the top of the
gear it is supposed to drive.

Since many people have used this rotator for elevation in the past,
has anyone run into this problem before?  If so, did you find a
solution for it?



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