[amsat-bb] Shuttle and Station Together

Gary Memory gmemory at compuserve.com
Tue Dec 19 16:04:24 PST 2006

At about 1801 tonight (local VA time), the XYL and I had a tremendous view
of the Shuttle and Space Station zipping across the night sky.  I arrived
home from work only minutes before and thus did not know the Shuttle had
departed the station this afternoon.  That fact became obvious when we
obtained our first glimpse.  The typical bright, singular "dot" was quite
oblong in shape.  At the highest elevation (about 40 degrees), two points of
light became discernible with the naked eye.  Using a pair of 9x63
binoculars...two very distinct points of light were easily visible
throughout the pass.  If you have a visible opportunity coming your way,
take a look!  I get a rush from that kind of thing...but then I must be

Gary, N7BRJ    

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