[amsat-bb] Re: Hello all first post

George Maurer kiteman at vom.com
Tue Dec 19 10:25:52 PST 2006

Hello Stephen, 

   I don't know if anyone has acknowledged your post yet, but 
welcome to amsat-bb. Hope you get some response from the group.

73 george k6ite

On 16 Dec 2006 at 11:25, Stephen Thornber wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> This is my first post and really just testing.
> Name: Stephen K THORNBER
> Age: Yes
> Location: Leicester, England, UK
> Call: G6SGA
> Computers: PC dual screens reasonable spec and my new baby a
> MAC powerbook  running OS X Tiger. With a whopping great big screen.
> I am just getting interested in Satellite and I have decide to equip myself
> with relevant tools and information over the winter months and to I hope
> start working something early in the new year.
> SO I may be looking for lots of assistance.
> I have an FT817 and I have an IC2410H, that however is not in perfect health
> at the moment.
> What I do not have and am not to good with is quality antenna systems,
> rotors etc. I do not know what to look for really.
> Having said that I have
> High Sierra Motorised HF Whip
> And 10m Center Fed Dipole
> VHF / UHF Vertical
> VHF Folded dipole.
> QUESTION: I have only got about £100 (USD 150+/-) to spend on an aerial
> specifically for the Satellite work would the [Tonna (20899) 2m/70cm Oscar
> Special 9/19 el yagi] be a good place to start?
> I do not have any rotars as of yet so I would appreciate guidance on good,
> reasonably priced, rotars and more importantly perhaps which bit fits on
> which bit and in what order to put the mast(pole) Rotar together. This may
> all be too much for one session but enthusiasm is running high at the
> moment.
> 73
> Stephen
> PS would love to hear from any UK Satellite enthusiasts.

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