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> Can any one help with information about these older satellites that are
still in
> the keplarian elements that I aquired from Celestrak today?
> AO-5 [-]
> AO-6 [-]
> AO-8 [-]
> FO-12 [-]
> UO-15 [-]
> I am trying to update the Weekly Satellite Report and am finding NO
> about these satellites on the internet. I would like to at LEAST list them
> the Non-operational portion of the WSR as a reference if someone wants to
> to listen for them incase they do a "AO-7" event on us. Maybe I just am
> looking in the right places or literature for this info.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> James French W8ISS
> Weekly Satellite Report Editor

Hi  James, W8ISS

The right place to find all information about the above older satellites is
"The Satellite Experimenters Handbook" by Martin Davidoff, K2UBC
ARRL Order No 3185 2nd Edition $20,00 in USA
Appendix A "Radio Amateur Satellite History : Dates and Frequencies"

AO-6 [-] i.e. OSCAR-6 launched Oct 15  1972 with a mode-A transponder
and a 435.100 MHz beacon was my first amateur communication satellite
.........nice to remember !

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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