[amsat-bb] USER Operations Plan for ANDE and RAFT

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 18 15:56:43 PST 2006

RAFT and ANDE are APRS satellites to be deployed on Thursday.

We ask that ALL radio amateurs (except for command stations)
refrain from any transmissions until after the spacecraft have
been opened for general use.  There are many stations involved
in the checkout, so wait until you see specific authorization
for general use before using the digipeater.  If all goes well
in a few days, we hope to open the satellites up for general use
in accordance with the User Service Agreement.  See:

The success of these digipeaters is protocol driven and depends
on user adherence to published operating parameters.  Please
check the User Service Agreement before operating and
periodically throughout the short life of these satellites.
Basically it says you are authorized for these initial beacon

Unattended, beacon one APRS packet per 5 minutes only
Attended Base, beacon one Position packet per 2 minutes
Mobile, beacon no higher than 2 minutes
Attended 5W HT, is authorized to beacon at a 1 minute rate.

To aid everyone in understanding the statistics of this channel,
please include your Effective Radiated Power (ERP) and beacon
rate in your packet.  Example: !DDMM.HHN/DDDMM.HHW-Bob,50W,2min

Remember that ERP is your TX power plus your antenna system

Operating authorization will change as we learn the demands on
the uplink and the load on the systems.  Keep up to date on WEB
page that covers all three satellites (ANDE, RAFT and NMARS).

All of these new satellites have less than optimum antennas and
so they will probably be harder to operate than PCSAT-1.  We do
hope that PCSAT-1 will come out of hybernation the first week of
January for some multi-satellite opportunities.  Stay tuned.

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR
USNA Satellite Lab

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