[amsat-bb] IARU Region 1 Interim Conference - Amateur Satellite Service Spectrum

Trevor m5aka at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 18 14:47:05 PST 2006

The following draft paper on the Amateur Satellite Service Spectrum is being
submitted by the RSGB to the IARU Region 1 Interim Conference in Vienna.
International Amateur Radio Union Region 1

Interim Conference, Vienna, 24 to 25 February 2007

Subject	Amateur Satellite Service Spectrum 
Society	Radio Society of Great Britain
Committee	C5 -  VHF/UHF/Microwave Committee
Contact	Murray Niman G6JYB, (Microwave Manager)


The Amateur Satellite Service is faced with more restricted allocations than
the Amateur Service, and this is compounded by both interference threats and
other restrictions that inhibit harmonised usage.

Considering that

·	There are increasing levels of harmful interference from ISM etc in the
2.4GHz band

·	There are concerns regarding radars and Galileo in 23cms

·	Region 1 does not have any Amateur Satellite allocation in the 3.4GHz band,
in contrast to Regions 2& 3 (not even within CEPT EU-17/23)

·	The 6 metre band is increasingly allocated as an amateur allocation by many

·	That Wimax, Fixed Wireless Access and future Intelligent Transport Systems
threaten the 5.8GHz Space-Earth allocation.

·	Some allocations are additionally restricted by being Earth-Space or
Space-Earth only.

·	Satellites can have a significant in-service lifetime that can complicate a
phased frequency migration


All IARU Region 1 societies request that the following additional Amateur
Satellite Service bands be studied and considered, perhaps as a package, for a
future WRC agenda item 

     50-51 MHz    
1240-1250 MHz 
2300-2330 MHz  
2390-2400 MHz
3400-3410 MHz 
5650-5670 MHz      (Currently Earth-To-Space only)
10350-10400 MHz


RSGB Spectrum Forum Committee pages for C5 (VHF-UHF-uW)

Yahoo Reflector for Discussion of C5 (VHF-UHF-uW) Papers

73 Trevor M5AKA
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