[amsat-bb] Re: Is Wi-Fi Headed toward an Early Grave?

Bill Ress bill at hsmicrowave.com
Wed Dec 13 07:26:20 PST 2006

Graham Shirville wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> Watch this space... there will be two RSGB sponsored papers about 
> improving the amateur satellite service allocations WORLDWIDE at the 
> upcoming IARU Region 1 interim meeting next February in Vienna.
> Full texts are due out in next couple of weeks... it would be good to 
> have AMSAT-BB support for them when the time comes :)
> And yes these are as a result of AMSAT-UK efforts and partly as a 
> result of conversations with Paul at the Symposium!
> cheers
> Graham G3VZV
Hi Graham,

*Great to hear that AMSAT-UK and RSGB is taking the initiative*!!!

By all means, be sure to solicit what ever support you might need. Paul 
mentioned that this kind of effort is so political that one must muster 
all the forces at ones disposal to make it happen.

Is AMSAT-NA involved with you on this? Hope the question isn't viewed 
"politically" but if they are not, and their support is needed, then we 
over here need to be lobbying our elected AMSAT officials.

Regards...Bill - N6GHz

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