[amsat-bb] Re: Is Wi-Fi Headed toward an Early Grave?

David Barber david.barber at dbelectronics.co.uk
Wed Dec 13 02:03:05 PST 2006

Could I perhaps just highlight an unwanted side effect of all the discussion
regarding Wi-Fi and its impact on "our" frequencies.

Any newcomer reading all the gloom and despondency may well reach the
conclusion that 2.4GHz is not worthy of their investment.  Surely if we are
not careful this becomes self defeating as potential new users shy away and
we end up with another under utilised band.

The recent scheduling of AO-51 with downlink on 2.4GHz has been interesting.
I live in a highly populated urban area with a number of locally active home
and commercial Wi-Fi's however using just a K5GNA down converter and corner
reflector (hand held) huge interference free signals are easily received.


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