[amsat-bb] Re: Is Wi-Fi Headed toward an Early Grave?

Graham Shirville g.shirville at btinternet.com
Wed Dec 13 01:10:49 PST 2006

Hi Bill,

Watch this space... there will be two RSGB sponsored papers about improving 
the amateur satellite service allocations WORLDWIDE at the upcoming IARU 
Region 1 interim meeting next February in Vienna.

Full texts are due out in next couple of weeks... it would be good to have 
AMSAT-BB support for them when the time comes :)

And yes these are as a result of AMSAT-UK efforts and partly as a result of 
conversations with Paul at the Symposium!


Graham G3VZV

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> Trevor wrote:
>> 802.11n will increase usage of 2.4 GHz. If you want decent range 2.4 GHz 
>> is the
>> band to use not 5 GHz.
>> We will continue to see increasing use of 2.4 GHz for a whole range of 
>> consumer
>> devices.
>> It's why we need an Amateur Satellite allocation at 2490-2400 MHz in 
>> addition
>> to 2400-2402 MHz.
>> 73 Trevor M5AKA
> Hi Trevor,
> It's that time of the year and I'm engaged in optimistic thinking. Will
> I ever learn?
> I agree 150% on getting a better 2.4 GHz satellite allocation (and 3.4
> GHz for your region).
> I talked with Paul Rinaldo after his presentation at the AMSAT symposium
> and he said that if we hoped to get one within 10 to 15 years from now
> we'd better be working on it yesterday. He says it has to start with an
> AMSAT initiative to the ARRL, then through them to the FCC and then on
> to the IARU and then the WRC. Ugh - what a daunting "political" process.
> Don't understand why AMSAT-NA or -UK leadership hasn't been out front
> with a campaign for allocation improvement - or if they have, why it
> isn't more visible.
> Regards...Bill - N6GHz
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