[amsat-bb] Dissertation Survey - low cost autonomous sat tracking

Marc Vermeersch amvm at skynet.be
Mon Dec 11 09:48:14 PST 2006

Hi All,


I am an MSc. student starting work on my final dissertation. My dissertation
topic is: "A low cost autonomous satellite tracking system". The intention
is to build a tracking system with roughly the following specifications:


-         PC independent

-         microcontroller based

-         (car) battery powered

-         SGP/SDP tracking algorithms

-         Time and position acquisition possible via serial port from GPS

-         Transceiver control over serial port

-         Tracking HW control loop for Azimuth and Elevation

-         Ethernet connection to acquire TLE's - the idea here is to collect
TLE's and store them for later mobile/portable use.


To complete my understanding on what is out there I have the following


Which PC based tracking SW are you using?


Which non-PC based tracking SW are you using?


Which PC connected tracking HW are you using?


Which non-PC connected tracking SW/HW are you using?


Are the above specifications sufficient? What else would you suggest?




Thanks for all and any input,


Best 73





Amsat LM2304

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