[amsat-bb] Re: ANDE and Amateur Astronomers?

David B. Toth ve3gyq at amsat.org
Fri Dec 8 22:02:10 PST 2006

At 08:00 PM 12/8/2006, Jim Jerzycke wrote:
>Bob, will this be a LEO? The reason I ask is to get
>some kind of guesstimate of how fast the telescope
>would have to slew. I've got a ham friend who's into
>astronomy pretty heavy, and that's the first thing
>he'd ask.
>Jim  KQ6EA

Actually, a Paramount ME is quite capable of tracking a LEO, and you 
can feed Orbital elements to TheSky6 to control it ... it allows 
separate tracking rates in two axes to accomplish the tracking.

Spencerville, OH
Amateur Astronomer and Paramount owner!

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