[amsat-bb] Re flex cable for rotor loop

Steve Raas sraas at optonline.net
Fri Dec 8 17:26:54 PST 2006

Alan , thanks for the info.. I may just stick with the 400UF then. My plan
was to buy the CNT-400 for the 2m Antenna and use the 400UF for the loop.
and run the 600/600UF for the 435 antenna. Im trying to keep my loss to
under 1 dB pr/band and with an initial run from rig to preamp being a
WHOPPING 35' (insert laugh here) I may just be able to run 400 all the way
across the board. Would save me a lota cash that's for sure! 



If my math is right my 145 mhz system would have .525 dB Loss in just the
main 35' feed line (CNT-400 @ .015 dB loss pr/foot), not including the AG-25
Preamp in which I'll take a guess at being probabally .5 - .75 dB then the
400UF @ 15' bring me up to close to if not slightly more than 1.5 dB.. and
obviously more on 435.. I'll have to make some precise measurments with some
12ga wire and see what my actual feed length will be, I may be off quite a
bit and in just eye balling it I may be able to have a main run from rig to
pre-amp of 25', if that's the case I'll just use the CNT400 for both band as
main feed and the UF for the rotor loop.


I haven't been on the air in a few years.. and all this R.F. talk is making
me feel like a kid in a candy store.


Keep in touch


-Steve Raas








I use the 400UF as do many others, and it is an excellent choice.  Unless
you have an unusual situation, going to 600UF doesn't make a lot of sense up
through mode L, and probably mode S.  The run just isn't that long.  Another
good choice is the BuryFlex, which has only very slightly greater losses
than the 400UF.





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