[amsat-bb] Floating Point Error - Nova

Gregory Dober gjdober at comcast.net
Thu Dec 7 19:13:21 PST 2006

I have been running Nova for 3 years and have run into this problem for the
first time.  It started with a floating-point error when I switched into
frequency on the menu.  After I restarted the program, the Nova window to
launch would come up for a few seconds then about 100+ boxes of floating
point errors came up.  I noticed in the upper corner of Windows a small box
popped up for auto track.  I even deleted the program and reinstalled.  As
soon, as I hit launch the numerous boxes of floating point errors come up
and I cannot get into Nova.  I have to CTR-ALT-Del to close it.  Anyone
knows the fix. 


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