[amsat-bb] Beginer Antenna Selection

Steve Raas sraas at optonline.net
Thu Dec 7 07:02:08 PST 2006

Well here is my 1st question.


In researching what is needed for working sat's , I have found that I am
looking for an antenna that has RHCP, although selectable RHCP & LHCP is
avail.. I just cannot justify the added expense for a 5% probability of an
improved signal. 


That being said.. Are 'Typical' terrestrial SSB Yagis  RHCP?  I am looking
at the following antennas for known performance vs. price:


2m -  DPM144-5LVA  (http://www.directivesystems.com/lva.htm)


430-440 - DSFO432-15RS (http://www.directivesystems.com/DSFO432-15.htm)


You may wonder why I'm looking @ such small antennas and I will answer that
My main coaxial run from rig to preamp may be at most 30'.  I'm probabaly
going to feed them both with an LMR-400 type cable, possibly LMR-600 on UHF
but with such a short run and loss under 1.0db I don't know nor have decided
if it would be worth it. Also I plan on mounting these ( or similar yagis )
@ a 30deg angle with a simple rotor as an AZ/EL rotor is not an option at
this moment due to cost. So to sup up my initial statement I don't need
another 3dB of gain to make up for line loss, So in theory I can keep the
antennas smaller.


More to come in the future.


-Steve Raas





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