[amsat-bb] 23cm tranceivers

William Leijenaar pe1rah at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 2 06:28:46 PST 2006


Recently I was looking for some 23cm trx to use it for
testing higher bands transponders. I can do 23cm on
satellite band with a transverter to 2m, but this is
very un-practical in mobile use... Another problem is
that it has only 2MHz couverage, and I like something
that can cover the whole 23cm band in all-modes.

I found several types from several brands, but all of
them seem to be old and no more available. Because I
am not into all those old/new types it takes me long
time to find out what is a good choice and the same
time available.

I prefer all-mode 23cm trx from ~1240...1300MHz.
Size in the order of a mobile set, but no huge
base-station as I need it for moving around.
Output power in the order of 1W is enough (more is
extra), as I have amplifiers available to gear this
New or old is all welcome, my main interrest is good
RF performance.

The best I found is IC-1275, but it is no more
available and very rare to find (I read on internet) 

73 de William

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